High professional skills in women fashion industry

Lumina is a clothing manufacturer focused on quality and trendy women’s clothing. Lumina understands the needs of the modern woman and develops her garments to ensure that every occasion is special, taking care of every aspect in detail, from the choice of fabrics to accessories.

Lumina boasts ten years of experience in the world of high fashion and fast fashion, through which it combines quality and novelty at low prices, always guaranteeing high production volumes. Don’t wait any longer, you too can enter the Lumina world.


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SS 2020

Wholesale clothing supplier and manufacturer

If you are looking for Italian fashion suppliers, whether you are an online store or a boutique owner, get supplies online on our website, or in stores in Italy and Europe. With a minimum of order, it guarantees fast and free deliveries in Italy and throughout Europe. Only at Lumina will you be able to find the latest trends in the fashion field, with lots of news every day.

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